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Around The World

The discovery of the world in fave stages. The customs and habits will no longer hold any secrets for you

Immerse yourself in the fascinating city of Brussels. Discover its secrets and colourful characters

Do you think you could be the next champion of the Belgian Olympic delegation ? Then train with our sports trainers 

Do you really know your colleagues ? There is a mole in your team ! Will you be able to unmask it ? Or maybe it's you!

rally namur (8).JPG

They say that the people of Namur are slow! But one thing is certain, they are endearing and their " Belle " is charming


You will be immersed in the world's largest police academy and trained to become an Almost Special Agent. It's up to you!


Alone in this hostile land and having to do everything to survive, that will be your next challenge. Will you be up to the challenge ? 

The Secret (13).JPG

Tchanchè is giving Nanesse a hard time, but luckily you are there to help her! Take the opportunity to discover the "City of Princes"


Visit this very welcoming city and discover the clues that will lead you to Marie Henriette


She has lost them again! The Castafiore has lost her jewels but luckily Spirou and Natacha are here to help you find them. 

The Fort Academy

If you thought we were just a legend, you'll soon understand! Whoever gets hold of our treasure will have to face the guards of the Fort ! 

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