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Immerse yourself in an oriental atmosphere with our Berber tent, our belly dancers, our fortune teller, for an unforgettable evening 

Have you ever dreamed of participating in a cooking competition ? Then be our next candidates in our great Bio cooking challenge

blind test (13).JPG

A musical quiz out of the ordinary! Test your musical knowledge by buzzing, dancing, and singing and become the star of the dancefloor

Kiss The Cook (3).JPG

Today, anything is allowed ! Compete against each other in crazy challenges that will provoke laughter and unforgettable moments

blind test (7).JPG

Do you want to prepare a meal with your colleagues ? Do you want to have a good time ? The ideal place is : the kitchen

A crime has been committed. Who is the guilty party ? Who wanted to kill Claude Soifranc ? That's for you to find out ! 

Impress your next guests by learning how to prepare colourful cocktails 

Are you a quizmaster ? Do you have an answer for everything ? Then come and test your skills in our "Crazy Quiz"

1 mafia de cuba (Maître) .JPG

Can you play a "double game"? Do you love role-plays? Then you'll love playing "Cuba Mafia"


A series of challenges that will get your brain working. Can you take up the challenge ? 

salsa noche (7).JPG

Preparing a cocktail, dancing the salsa, defying the laws of gravity, so many challenges that you will have to take up in order to win your passport to the sun


Have you always dreamed of producing and directing a short film? Then you'll love taking part in "The Oscar Race"


Improve your oenological knowledge while having fun. Bet chips on a Wine Casino table!


Challenge our Al Capone and Bette Davis to put a dollar note in your pocket


Irene is an old lady from Les Marolles who is an avid game player! Come and challenge her, but beware, she is ruthless

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